Component-specific radiocarbon dating as a key to the past

Funding: Tschira-Stiftung
Management: Prof. Dr. Wilfried Rosendahl and Dr. Ronny Friedrich (Curt Engelhorn Center for Archaeometry gGmbH, Mannheim)
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Sabine Fiedler
Staff: Kristina Reetz

Climate and Sediment Group - foremost with the ELSA core archive

Management: Prof. Dr. F. Sirocko (Institute of Geosciences, Mainz University)
Staff: Kristina Reetz, Dr. Jago Birk

A testimony of the Gallic War - the Late Republican military camp of Hermeskeil (district Trier-Saarburg) and its environment

Funding: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Project number 281237961)
Management: Prof. Dr. Sabine Hornung (Pre- and Early History, Saarland University)
Supervision: Prof. Dr. Sabine Fiedler
Staff: George Janzen

The timing and ecology of the human occupation of Central Asia (THOCA)

Funding: NordForsk (Project number 105204)
Management: Jan-Pieter Buylaert (Technical University of Denmark)
Supervision: Dr. Jago Birk
Staff: Aljasil Chirakkal