Completed theses


Björn Bonenberger (B.Sc.): Swelling due to ettringite formation during soil treatments on sulfate-containing soils with mixed binders. Optimization of stability through partial soil replacement?

Roxane C.A. Henn (M.Sc.): Determination of pyrogenic carbon by microwave digestion

Peer Schöneberger (M.Sc.): Developing an integrated microcontroller-based system to measure various soil parameters. Implementation and application of a modular concept to continuously measure various soil parameters including sensors with live data transfer (co-supervising with Dr. Helge Simon)

Jason J. Formberg (M.Sc.): The effects of water-washing on the composition of fatty acid residues in ancient pottery

Jonas Kirch (M.Sc.): The change of soil properties due to grave use


Jan Rose (M.Sc.): Examining the origin of deep brines in IODP site 313 through geochemical pore-water analysis and stable isotope data (co-supervising with Dr. Susanne Stadler)

Lavinia Schardt (M.Sc.): Comparison of different sampling strategies to determine soil carbon content in beech forests considering spring vegetation and ectomycorrhiza


Ramona Resch (B.Sc.): Soils of the Lenneberg Forest (Rhineland-Palatinate) - Addressing and ecological site assessment

Marie-Christin Hobl (M.Sc.): War-related influences on soils using the example of the First World War

Annika Feld (M.Sc.): The influence of "Klei" above an agricultural used peat on carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions at different water contents: A laboratory microcosm experiment

Sebastian Golinski (Project study): Establishment of a method for microwave-assisted extraction of fecal biomarkers from soils and sediments


Sebastian Golinski (M.Sc.) Development of a method for microwave-assisted extraction of fecal biomarkers from soils and sediments

Mila Sproß (M.Sc.): Analyses of fatty acids in pottery sherds from an Early Byzantine horreum in Caričin Grad, Serbia

Benjamin Decker (B.Sc.): Phosphorus analysis for the detection of culturally specific burial modes in Corded Ware burials

Jason Formberg (B.Sc.): Multielement analysis of a burial ground from the early Middle Ages near Eltville on the Rhine

Marco Engelmann (B.Sc.): Investigation of the suitability of a VIS-NIR spectrometer for geoarchaeological settlement mapping using the example of an Early Byzantine town (Caričin Grad, Serbia)

Sebastian Schade (B.Sc.): Multi-element mapping of an Early Byzantine reservoir building based on pXRF measurements (Caričin Grad, Serbia)

Mila Sproß (Project study): Establishment of a method for content residue analysis in pottery from archaeological excavations

Annika Feld (Project study): N2O and CO2 emissions of arable peatlands as a function of mineral fertilization

Caroline Herrmann (M.Ed.): Phosphorus storage in vineyard soils of the Moselle and Palatinate regions


Selina Seibold (B.Sc.): Comparison of contents and compositions of the substance groups PCDD/F and dl-PCB in 3 depth profiles of the alluvial soils of the Hessisches Ried at the river Rhine

Tanja Mondani (B.Sc.): Dynamics of carbon stocks of Hessian soil permanent observation plots as a function of their use

Lars Linnenboden (B.Sc.): Characterization of covered fens by spectroscopic methods

Laura Werner (B.Sc.): Determination of possible errors in the determination of stable carbon isotopes in soils

Sten Gilfert (B.Sc.): Investigations of the suitability of a pXRF for multi-element mapping using the example of an early Byzantine city (Caričin Grad, Serbia)

Matthias Laskowski (B.Sc.): Influence of different P fertilizer additions in rice cultivation on P retention in a Ugandan inland valley


Kristina Reetz (M.Sc.): 5-β-stanols and n-alkanes in settlement pits of Waldalgesheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany


Jason Dey (M.Sc.): Aerobic methane oxidation and methanotroph community dynamics in a freshwater lake during mixing

Tanja Westernacher (M.Sc.): Soil investigations in a Roman military camp (Hermeskeil, Rhineland-Palatinate)

Kevin Horn (M.Sc.): Multi-element mapping and biomarker analyses in an Early Byzantine city (Caričin Grad, Serbia)

Julia Luhn (B.Sc.): Characterization of viticultural sites in Rhineland-Palatinate

Jasmin Sobiesiak (B.Sc.): Soil characterization of mysterious fairy circles of South Africa

Marie-Christin Hobl (B.Sc.): Active pharmaceutical ingredients in aquatic systems using the example of waters in Rhineland-Palatinate


Christian Kroppach (M.Sc.): Spatial variability of CO2 and CH4 depth profiles of soil air from a mineral-covered fen in the Upper Rhine Plain

Maria Elmer (M.Sc.): Steroids in soils beneath 6th/7th century human skeletons

Benedikt Burkhard (diploma): Greenhouse gas fluxes on mineral-covered fen: spatial variability analysis

Nicole Werstein (M.Sc.): Geochemical analysis of nutrient contents in rice soils of Uganda

Anna Wörfel (M.Ed.): Characterization of soils along a catena in the Lumemo alluvial fan in Kilombero Basin, Tanzania

Kristina Reetz (B.Sc.): Steroids and n-alkanes in lake sediments

Janna Winterwerber (B.Sc.): Studies of bone-induced element accumulation in soil at different temperatures under water saturation


Nora Pfaffner (Magistra Artium): Column experiment on DOC transport in organic soils

Svenja Stock (M.Sc.): Carbon and nitrogen dynamics across the treeline ecotone of the Iremel Massif (Bolshoi Iremel, South Ural)

Daniel Thiex (B.Sc.): A combination of different GIS approaches to identify closed hollow forms in the Quillow study area (Uckermark, northeast Germany)

Sebastian Stief und Victor Brand (B.Sc.): Soil protection expertise: The Kupferberg pit

Christina Heinrichs (B.Sc.): Phosphorus and potassium contents of soils under different uses in East Africa

Michael Schwarz (B.Sc.): Potential release of NO of agriculturally used organic soils of the Upper Rhine Plain


Jan Reitz (diploma): Phosphate analytics in geoarchaeometry - potential and limitations

Anna Fechner (diploma): NO release from agricultural soils of selected oases on the edge of the Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang, PR China

Tobias Fischer (diploma): Variability of N2O emission on agricultural histosols in the Upper Rhine Plain

Björn Glasner (diploma): Small-scale spatial variability of selected soil parameters: Linking a literature study with a case study

Lisa Richter (M.Sc.): On the influence of brines on the material balance of landscapes

René Beuschel (M.Sc.): The potential of sterols as indicators for early settlement using the Holzmaar catchment in the Eifel as an example

Kirsten Leszinski (B.Sc.): Recording of the spatial pattern of a mineral-covered fen in Graben Neudorf

Nico Schuhmacher (B.Sc.): Soils of Rheinhessen - an excursion guide

Sascha Ferling (B.Sc.): Thickness and distribution of the Laacher See tephra in the Wiesbaden municipal forest

Christoph Kopf (B.Sc.): The influence of the Laacher See tephra (LST) on the soil water balance in the Wiesbaden city forest

Jan Speiser (B.Sc.): Effects of Laacher See tephra on the parameters of the water balance in the Neuwied Basin


Sabrina Picone (diploma): Influence of long-term differentiated organic fertilization and tillage on selected soil chemical and soil physical parameters

Albert Schröder (diploma): Soil acidification and nutrient availability at selected sites of the Wiesbaden municipal forest

Elvira Schulz (B.Sc.): Geostatistical analysis on the spatial variability of denitrifying processes of an agriculturally used histosol of the Upper Rhine Plain (Baden-Württemberg)

Enya Braun (B.Sc.): Investigations on the spatial variability of mineral nitrogen of an agriculturally used lowland moor in the Upper Rhine Plain (Baden-Württemberg)

Oliver Myszak (B.Sc.): Chemical-physical water analysis of a flowing water using the example of the Great Nister (Westerland)


Ilona Hanke (diploma): Investigation of drainage water from cemeteries for medicinal substances